Finest Hospitality Brands

Sovereign Hotels & Resorts is an international team of industry professionals who have an acquired set of invaluable skills, and decades of experience when it comes to the hospitality sector. Our expertise stems from the eclectic fusion of a plethora of unique and distinct avenues of knowledge, and a passion for creating, differentiating and customizing our products and services.

Simple. Smart. Service.

Our aim is to support the needs and aspirations of hotels and to work with our partners – helping them grow their businesses by gaining the strategic advantage needed in today’s market milieu.


We are a boutique hotel management company which strives to challenge the status quo. With our creative strategies and best practices we turn around hotels, and reposition them to outperform their competitors and become local market leaders.


Hotel Management

Bespoke hospitality services customized to your needs

Market Representation

Build and enhance your brand through us

Sales and Marketing

Managing the sales force & brand building - we make it easy

Online and Offline Distribution

Control your hotel’s electronic distribution and e-commerce channels, and make inroads in key industry segments

Digital Marketing

Increase your direct sales, distribute your hotel online

Technical and Asset Management

Exigent yet necessary functions to ensure your property’s long-term viability

Revenue Management

Bring in the experts to get innovative revenue management strategies

Strategic Hotel Advisory

Making your property market ready without compromising on your individuality

Training and Skill Development

Operations, leadership and sales – let us help you achieve excellence through knowledge sharing and guidance